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Kong Hyo Jin: everyone is so beautiful that there is no point to Kong Hyo Jin Kong Hyo Jin and Kim Su Hyon cooperation "producer Kong Hyo Jin and Su Zhixie" worked "Lord of the sun" and Kong Hyo Jin In-Sung Zo worked with "never mind, love ah." [micro-blog] Kong Hyo Jin, a Korean fan looks not Korean actress. Even on the Internet, there is even a special discussion about her why Kong Hyo Jin fire, because her appearance does not look good, but not in line with the Korean entertainment [micro-blog] circle of the aesthetic. But in many familiar hot drama, she has to take positive heroine, and over the years many people care deeply about the harvest god. This does not, the recent hit "Avatar" jealous, she took Cao Zhengshi, Geng shao. In fact, on the appearance of the problem, a long time ago, Kong Hyo Jin himself had said, if everyone is so beautiful, it’s so boring." Not tied by looks, trying to do their own, it turns out, and now she has successfully used the strength of the most beautiful girls buried out. Topic Author Information Times reporter Cai Mujia [micro-blog] trend bomber is said debut does not look good, pretty girls had thought to "bury" South Korean female star is probably the most let the blind face anxious crowd, sharp face, high nose standard, uniform white, red skin and lip makeup. However, Kong Hyo Jin’s appearance, but broke the two fixed impression. She does not belong to the first sight of beauty, but also a direct evaluation of the audience that she is not good-looking". But in the female star Yan Han Yu demanding aesthetic value, but she rushed out a path of their own. In 1999, former model Kong Hyo Jin filmed his first movie "about 2" and the debut of several. She once said, "when I made my first movie, I didn’t have much ambition. But after the show, many of my friends said I did well, so I kind of want to strive for further improvement and breakthrough of their feelings." In this way, Kong Hyo Jin began to enter the entertainment industry. A lot of people to see the value of the problem she will discuss, was also a problem after her entry. Fortunately, she was optimistic, early recognize yourself is the most important, "I can’t change the body and face, also do not want to change, or at most other hair efforts, so go slowly. Instead of working on their own work, performance, try different roles." She’s some attitudes and opinions on this matter has been Yan, love her fans relish, praised the part. It is understood that Kong Hyo Jin had "famous" so, "I know I’m not pretty, just when everyone said so, I am also very troubled, every time I see those beautiful girls want to bury them. But then I thought it would be so boring if everyone was so beautiful." Rather than being said to be good-looking, Kong Hyo Jin is more afraid of acting was questioned. She said they are not interested in many things, but it made her acting has endless ambition and progressive momentum. Since the nonprofessional her debut in acting has been dedicated to the famous. During the filming of the Lord Sun, I tried to sleep only two hours a day相关的主题文章: