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Malicious overdraft credit card 8 yuan husband fled 4 years later surrendered – Beijing Huaxi Dushi Bao (reporter Jiang as Li Tianyu) in 2012, the Zigong couple Li Guoqiang and Wang Xiaoyu malicious overdraft credit card more than 8 yuan, and then disappeared. Zigong police pursuit, and found two people hiding in Shanghai in September this year, more than 4 hours after police persuasion, persuaded two people to surrender. In September 8th, on suspicion of credit card fraud in the 4 years after the couple fled, was arrested back to Zigong. 11, 2009, Zigong police informed the case. According to police investigators, in November 2011, Wang Xiaoyu in Zigong branch of the industrial and Commercial Bank of China for a credit card, to the husband of the use of Li Guoqiang. But Li Guoqiang and his wife played a bad idea, since March 17, 2012, this card overdraft principal plus interest nearly 8 yuan. Bankdemands many times, but over the past three months, two people still do not pay back the money. Later, the couple’s telephone number has changed, disappeared in the city of Zigong. The bank reported to the police in Zigong. In August 2014, Ziliujing District reported by the Bureau of Economic Investigation Brigade to be approved, online pursuit of Wang Xiaoyu, but her trail as no echo. This year, Zigong police launched a "summer offensive" action, Ziliujing District Public Security Bureau set up the pursuit of working group, take a variety of investigative measures, access to more than the calendar year before 2014 to arrest a fugitive. In September 4th, the Bureau of Economic Investigation Brigade chief Luo Yue found that the couple may be hiding in Shanghai, immediately rushed to Shanghai. September 7th, with the assistance of the police in Shanghai, Luo Yue found Li Guoqiang in ShangHai Railway Station. Now he has promoted the policies and laws to Lee, and the family circumstances, the policy is relaxed, his wife persuaded him to surrender. After 4 hours of persuasion, Li Guoqiang finally agreed to return to Zigong and his wife a surrender. September 8th morning, members of the task force and the king, Lee and his wife returned to Zigong. At present, two per capita was released on bail, the case is under further investigation. (the suspect is a pseudonym)相关的主题文章: