The fund is on the first half loss of 232 billion 700 million yuan – public offering fund channel dnf商人吧

The fund is on the first half of the public offering fund with a loss of 232 billion 700 million yuan – channel A in the first half of the A-share listed companies after the disclosure, as of August 31st, the domestic public fund in the first half of the performance also surfaced. China Times reporter according to Wind statistics, the first half of the public fund industry has reached 7 trillion and 950 billion yuan. On the one hand, continue to expand the scale of assets, on the other hand, A shares in the doldrums of the market so that a serious loss of public fund, a total loss of 232 billion 700 million yuan. Which type of stock funds and hybrid funds were losses of 110 billion 100 million yuan and 187 billion 200 million yuan; money funds and bond funds depends on stable risk-free income net profit of 58 billion 900 million yuan and 7 billion 200 million yuan, reduce the scale of the overall loss of fund products. And last year, compared with the excellent performance of the bull market this year, the public fund semi annual report performance in general, partial stock fund losses. Throughout the first half of the stock market, the Shanghai Composite Index fell from 3539.18 points to 2929.61 points, down by 17%, the gem index fell from 2714.05 points to 2227.79 points, down by 18%. Partial stock funds overall is very difficult to get rid of the market depends on the weather. September 1st, Shanghai, a public fund managers admitted when interviewed. Rainbow Night "China Times" combing the public fund industry for 6 months before the performance, equity funds and fixed income fund performance showed Rainbow Night. Mixed funds and equity funds total loss of 287 billion 300 million yuan, the first half of the monetary fund and bond funds increased by an increase of $66 billion 100 million, QDII fund also achieved more than 500 million yuan in the first half earnings. In addition, the closed-end fund losses of 3 billion 36 million yuan, the end of the fund for the allocation of net income of -2.36 billion. "The bull stock fund income is high, the bear market fixed income fund categories are more robust, this is a seesaw effect. From the first half of the highest net income by Celestica fund actually claimed to see the day nearly 10 billion fund net income comes from the creditor’s rights, currency class fund contribution, while Celestica fund itself equity products accounted for a very small. From the net profit rate indicators, the public fund is still attractive profitability of the industry, the 37 fund companies in the first half of the average net profit rate of 25%, Xin Yuan fund and Societe Generale global (340006, fund) fund net interest rate is highest, up to 49.5% and 45.63% respectively." September 2nd, Haitong Securities (600837, stock it) fund industry analysts pointed out when interviewed. The reporter also learned that the first half of this year, Celestica balance treasure currency, Chinese cash B, ICBC currency, GF currency B, CCB cash, Warburg Tim Lee A, silver currency (163802, fund) B, South fangzeng Li B, A E, the Chinese cash Xingquan Tim liberty to occupy half year profits of the top 10 rankings, all money funds, the balance of treasure Celestica monetary profit to 9 billion 345 million yuan to occupy the first place. In the first half of this year, the withdrawal of funds from the new strategy hybrid funds, the massive influx of bond funds, bond funds holding ratio was 73.87%, an increase of 15.35 percentage points compared.相关的主题文章: