Miao Yun wind Education Fund issuing ceremony held in Gongjue County helmet怎么读

Miao Yun wind Education Fund issuing ceremony in Gongjue county held the day before 2016, "Dongfeng Miao Yun" education fund release ceremony held in Tibet Gongjue County Dongfeng Motor Corporation, sixth group of cadres, Gongjue county Party committee, government deputy mayor Li Xiaojun presided over the ceremony, Dongfeng Motor Corporation, sixth group of cadres team leader, deputy secretary of Changdu Municipal Committee Han Yongmin attended the meeting and made an important speech. Funded students and parents, the leading group members of the unit and the county middle school teachers and students of a total of more than 100 people attended the ceremony. The ceremony, County Education Bureau of the person in charge of the preparatory work for the Dongfeng Miao Yun "to carry out the education fund and read in 2016 83 students funded by the list of leaders to subsidized student grants, student representative for speech. Han Yongmin in his speech on subsidized student expectations and encouragement, I hope the students to work harder in the new school on the road, to become useful talents for the society, to contribute their strength in the future development of Tibet, home building business; encourage students to learn Thanksgiving, cherish today’s happy life will be not easily won, helping the trapped, helpfulness traditional virtue tradition. At the same time also encouraged to participate in the ceremony county middle school students, they hope to learn their brothers and sisters, work hard, make efforts. Issued after the ceremony, Dongfeng County Miao Yun "education fund leading group also organized by students visited the Gongjue County Planning Exhibition center. The instructors explain, students’ autonomous operation demonstration equipment, watch the documentary form, make the students feel the great changes of Gongjue gained in recent years and long-term planning, to stimulate the students to understand the hometown, the enthusiasm of home construction. It is reported that, "Miao Yun wind" education fund by the Dongfeng Motor Corporation and Gongjue County Finance Co financing the establishment, each designed to help poor students realize the dream school, has started the implementation of three years. The total of 261 thousand yuan grants, funded by Gongjue college freshmen and the inland senior students from Tibet a total of 83 people. Up to now, has funded 203 students, including college students in, mainland Tibet high school students 36.相关的主题文章: