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Changan Mazda | ultra practical driving manual electronic version thirty-ninth – Sohu cars driving in rainy days, usually make many owners at a loss. Wet conditions will affect the braking effect, the slightest mistake will likely lead to rear end or multi car chain rear end accidents; secondly, blurred vision is a major obstacle, in poor visibility conditions, if the decline in the ability of water and sweep the wiper, it will directly endanger traffic safety. So in rainy day travel, friends also need to master some of the driving rain and care tips, let oneself can easily cope with driving in the rain! Check the wiper before driving the best one year change. It will be difficult for a rainy day to observe the road surface if the wiper’s ability to sweep down. Especially when the high speed, the wiper blade to rise, the water quality is worse. So the wiper maintenance is particularly important, wiper common phenomena and the reasons are as follows: [note] 1 rainy days wading driving, to close the I-stop function, method: press the i-stop display, the yellow light is closed. 2, whether the vehicle safety judging method: 1/4 wading wheels off the ground for parts of base line, if the water more than the reference line, do not risk wading, lest the water into the exhaust pipe, causing the car choked water flameout, if the engine flameout, don’t try again to start the engine; if the water is lower than the baseline. Please refer to the following recommendations: 3, once the car wading in the water, using low-grade Road, and as far as possible without parking and shift, slowly, then you can light on several brake braking system will seep into the water discharge. 4, Wade Road, remember to keep a car over the distance with the vehicle in front, to avoid the car splashes through the air inlet and suction engine. [how to remove the fog on the glass] rain vehicles will produce a large number of fog on the front and rear windshield, affecting sight and driving safety. Press the fast defogging button "A", directly into the circulation and open air conditioning mode (A C lights automatically light up), can quickly eliminate the front fog; fog fast press button "B", can quickly eliminate fog after blocking. As the fog button for the rear windshield defrosting button for air conditioning and refrigeration switch button as the outer loop button suggested that in addition to front windshield: the implementation of the operation and increase the air volume or high temperature can achieve rapid demisting effect [in] open lamp in case of rain the line of sight is very low, should open the headlight, profile after the lights and tail lights, and the vehicle off the road or stop in a safe place. Bad weather driving, space is time, time is life, so in addition to tips above, the friends in rainy day travel also need to pay attention to and keep the car before and after the safety car proper distance, avoid risk driving, to ensure safety. For more details, please visit: fensizhaomu相关的主题文章: