The teacher writing comments to the students to reflect the swearing in new network 女f4

The teacher writing comments to the students to reflect the swearing Beijing voice: first two characters, an eye popping? Cukou, then ferociously group: "what to write the word ghost! What about the subject?" CNR net Taizhou on September 24th news China according to the voice of "news" reported that in Jiangsu city of Taizhou Province, students of a second because when writing illegible handwriting, and no written questions, the teacher with a red pen given above comments. The parents of the students will then include the teacher’s comments, including essays, drying up the Internet, questioning the quality of Chinese teachers. At present, the school officials have ordered the teacher closed the review and reflection. Aspect comments: "as a teacher, you are the body, in order to teach, this is the moral of this also". Taizhou City, the old teacher apparently did not to regard it as right! The hand written comments more burst foul language is a loss of morality, so a comment will give the students’ mental health Mongolia a shadow, on the other hand may even become part of an example for the students. The teachers and students the importance of "when will honour the teacher and respect his teaching" don’t forget to say "a teacher". Three feet of the podium Tao Li Yu, a piece of chalk to write the spring and autumn. Do not let the foul defiled "teacher" and the title of the pure and holy.相关的主题文章: