When you give others the right to love, you give them the right to hurt. – Sohu 高达08ms小队

When you give others the right to love, you give them the right to hurt. Sohu – Anchor – a warm hand to accompany you through the lonely night! Please listen to the voice of the left and right hand below the little green! Background music: "sunrise at sea" life is just a list of what you want, you do not want, the calculation is too clear people are usually very clever, but it is a lot of trouble and hard work. To love others too much is to be irresponsible. Love with the new time difference, not only in the laughter and tears, abandoned the pain, who can easily grasp the indifference, betrayal of the people struggling to ask, and the answers are often more sad. At the edge of the edge of the miserable, too wonderful for words, love two words, do not experience never know. In front of the people who do not love you, persistence and entanglement are always synonymous, some things need to be persistent, such as chasing the dream, some things need to give up, such as a person who does not love you. Why you feel love, is always hovering between adhering to and giving up, indecisive. You’re the reason to worry is that memory is good, the mind, the mind will stay in memory. The reason why you are painful is to love someone who doesn’t love you. You will be sad, because no matter how much you have to pay a return, but unwilling to let go. The reason why you are depressed is that there are too many expectations for the future, but the expectation is like a bubble, the breakdown of one by one. There is no place in the world of others, but you are foolish in their own world to others, and finally to the people who have no seat, and so people do not come. People are not very strange, do not like others to deceive themselves, but like to deceive themselves. Everyone must first learn to love themselves to have enough ability to love others, never because of love and hurt themselves, never silly to feel the pain in love when the feeling of love. Before you go to bed: first love yourself, love others, you do it? Your message for comment, | District相关的主题文章: