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11 party "Hao" to a new realm: money and idols are ma! Sohu entertainment   money and idols are Ma’s father! Sohu entertainment news (white horse text) last night, Tmall double 11 party kicked off in Shenzhen. Throughout the party always, is a strong desire for consumerism, and another year, men and women are willing to take orally to the heart of the father of ma. In addition to ticket from the party last night, we can see that our idol also has returned to the Ma dad. With the magic of "father Ma order", international famous actress Scarlett Johnson sitting in a helicopter appeared on the stage, the "2016 Tmall 11 night" atmosphere to a climax. Eventually, just 6 minutes after the zero point of the second time, Tmall trading volume of more than 10 billion. 2015, Tmall double 11 party in twelfth minutes and 28 seconds turnover exceeded $10 billion. This figure shows that in the hand chop party great contributions and indirectly show entertainment but also is a byproduct of consumerism. There are ten million scenes, there are ten million reasons to buy buy buy!!! The lineup: "Hao" to no friends, mysterious large coffee Scarlett appeared to help Lin Chiling  . To tell the truth, the double 11 party last night, the casting has been far greater than the previous year, satellite TV show, after the degree of concern is hard after being elevated by Beckham: the CCTV Spring Festival Gala opening, "super bowl" gold producer, director of basketball star Kobe, Scarlett, world cup Golden boot the Muller prize, Bess Beale, Vitoria’s Secret Supermodel, band OneRepublic came out, Tony Leung, Lin Chiling, Eason Chan, Li Yuchun, Hua Chenyu, TFboys, Yue Yunpeng and other super stars, almost half an invited global entertainment circle, so cast, but also ordinary TV party within sight but beyond reach. The couple appeared.   heavily hit squad, the ratings will deliver the goods. The data of three party monitoring company ratings cool cloud display, from a party meeting became the first focus of national attention, starting just half an hour to become the ratings champion, which concern for 0.5334%, 7.7259% market share. While the Sofres data shows, this year 11 party has surpassed 21 points on the night evening peak last year. Originality: brain hole to break through the sky selling "star flavor" lineup to prop up the party framework, also needs to have the fresh and fun link to fill ah, so this year’s double 11 Carnival also played very hi: 1 yuan out of a wave of massive welfare package, red power buy buy buy, universal when the director party you. Plain clothes, star, star of the scene for hand berserk points like the king and so on. What? You heard me, while watching the evening, while grab Zhiling sister through the plain clothes. Each user click grab clothes action and precise time will be the server records, the last in the pool to be drawn in a unified lottery, the user is lucky, Zhi Ling sister site to take off the coat, and Tmall has promised to send clothes to users hands within 24 hours. Cheng相关的主题文章: